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Asbestos removal in Blackpool and Wyre

Asbestos RemovalThe Fylde coast is still full of garages with asbestos roofs. Provided yours is in good condition there's no need to panic. But if you're asbestos roof has become damaged or degraded – or if you simply want to transform your garage or garage roof – then the asbestos will need to go. And it needs to go safely.

Safe, licensed asbestos removal in Blackpool and Wyre

Asbestos is classed as a hazardous material. Disposing of it safely means meeting a strict set of criteria. Garage Solutions is licensed and insured to remove and safely dispose of asbestos, which means when you ask us to remove it you know we'll do it properly.

If you're not sure whether your garage roof is asbestos, or if your roof is showing signs of age – and particularly if parts of it are starting to crumble – talk to us.

What happens next?

With your asbestos roof gone, ask us to install your new garage roof or find out how a garage conversion could give your home a whole new lease of life.

For a free site survey and quotation call 01253 462134 or ask for an online quote.

Licensed asbestos removal in Blackpool and Wyre? Talk to Garage Solutions.

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